2018 Program


Master of Ceremonies:
Flip Nicklin

Friday October 5  7 PM

Adventure is Calling by Lee Burghard

Rolling in the Deep by Dustin Adamson

No Time to Waste by John Van Lent

Philippines: Wild Paradise by Roger Uzun

Great White Sea by Shawn Mahoney

Dreams of Atlantis by Howard Hall


Komodo by Eric Hanauer

The Legacy by Roy Davidson                

Philippine Dreams by Diane Randolph

Push Not Off... by Nick and Cheryl Dean

Mobulas Scene by Olivier DeJesus

Sueños (Tranquillo) by Ron Lagerlof

Black and Blue by Julie Ouimet

Little Man Big Fish by Florian Fischer

    Voting Best of Show

Saturday October 6  7 PM

Angel of the Deep by Florian Fischer

Tuomoto by Peter Löseke

Ocean Acidification by Julia Barnes

The Blue Light by Eric Hanauer
Real Mermaids of Palawan by Roger Uzun

The Sea by Ronald Faber

French Polynesia by Sarosh Jacob


One Breath by Sebastian Solberg

Whales of Valdez by Nick and Cheryl Dean

The Jellyfish and the Hermit Crab by Rebecca Stapley

I am Salmon by Peter Mieras

The Mother by Lutfi Tanriover

Great White by Spunco Films

Close Encounter by Michael Miller

Depth Perception by Dustin Adamson

    Voting Best of Show

Thanks to our judges:  Karen Ellerbrock, Adraina Vasquez, Rocio Gajon Bunker, Roberta Dean, Tracy Clark



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